5 Reasons To Be A Plant Parent

     I’m sure you’ve heard or seen all the rage about houseplants lately. So what’s the big deal? Why are all of these plant pages popping up on IG and why are plant shops selling out? House plants have benefits far beyond their beauty. From air purification, to sound buffering, to improving mental health. The list goes on! Here are five reasons why you should definitely become a plant parent and a few suggested low- maintenance starter plants to consider.  


  1. Self- Care.  

We are all aware that self- care is very much a vital part of thriving and adulting nowadays. Setting aside intentional time to pour into yourself and to quiet external forces, is a must. Plants definitely help in this regard. The mindfulness experienced while tending to your plant is so very beneficial to mental health. Not only do plants bring a sense of calm to our sometimes very busy lives, but they also allow us to stay present. They need care and love to thrive, just like we all do.  

Self- Care Favorite: Monstera Adansonii, Swiss Cheese Plant. Requires indirect sunlight, humid conditions (think, humidifier), and well-draining soil. Such a stunning houseplant! 


 2. Happiness 

Ever received a bouquet of flowers and it changed your whole mood? I’m sure you all have experienced that overtaking moment of joy after having completed something you thought you’d never get done. This is the feeling you get when adding plants into your realm. Words can’t describe the rewarding feeling of seeing your new baby leaf sprout or your big regal Monstera leaf unfurl. To be able to keep something alive and care for it aides in our desire to be needed. We all need to be nourished and cared for. Caring for plants is very mood-boosting as the reward centers in our brains are activated when we are able to nurture and see our plant babies bloom and grow.  

Happiness Favorite: Maranta, Prayer Plant. Requires bright indirect sunlight, humid conditions with airflow, and well-draining soil. Be sure to capture your Prayer Plant opening and closing on video, such a cool sight! 


3. Better to Breath 

Adulting comes with a handful of unexpected issues like sinus problems and allergies. Lucky for you Mother Nature has you covered! Not only do plants look great but some also dub as air purifiers. Woohoo! I know this reason alone is definitely noteworthy. Such toxins as xylene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and ammonia have been known to be abated, thanks to, you guessed it, plants! For more information on air purification in plants, here is NASA's Clean Air Study. 

Better to Breath Favorite: Spathiphyllum, Peace Lily, Requires medium, indirect light, loves shade, and moist soil. Definitely a great starter plant! 


 4. Privacy 

Some of us have work areas that could definitely stand for a bit more space, quiet, and privacy. Cue, Plants! Not only do plants do wonders for decor, but they also allow for much-needed privacy, in workspaces and homes, alike! Depending upon your allotted space for your plant babies to live in and the size to which they can grow, a plant may be the perfect solution to give to the privacy and breathing space you need. Another good tip, plant curtains. My windowsill is completely filled with green, red, pink, and variegated plant babies. It adds the perfect flair to my apartment and their lushness hides my realm from the outside world.  

Privacy Favorite: Pothos Epipremnum aureum, Pothos aka Everyone Favorite Office Plant. Requires bright indirect light, and well-draining soil. Pothos will grow to a length of 10ft indoors. 


5. Connection to Nature 

To be outdoors or to be outdoors, that is the question! Whether it be a walk in the park, a hike, a stroll through a garden center, or gardening in your own backyard or patio, the perk plants give an instant mood- boost is undeniable. There is just something about Mother Nature, but not just anything. Studies have shown that connecting to nature not only calms us but it reduces stress and fatigue. No matter how hectic of a day you are experiencing, touching your plants, playing in soil, and seeing their beauty will instantly make things better! 

Connection to Nature Favorite: Aloe barbadensis, Aloe Vera. Requires bright, direct sunlight, and coarse well-draining soil. Aloe vera is a first-aid must have! From bug bites to hair conditioner to sunburn relief, aloe to the rescue!  


Written By Britt Huggins   

Connect with Britt on Instagram: @EdibleActivist & @SowGoodGreenery     


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