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That I learned about myself as a business owner during this time – 

Community is needed now more than ever. A mantra I live my life by "you cannot allow your discouragement to discourage you."  Meaning whatever is going on around you – you cannot let it derail you from living in your purpose. 


Failure really stings. 

or what feels like failure - you know? 

Although business slowed down tremendously when the pandemic happened. Literally. I was forced to figure out things, re-evaluate my marketing plans, and just be more persistent. I knew I wasn't a failure, however, it felt like it. I had to gut-check myself and remember why I started.  


See that's the funny thing about failure

It also fools you into believing you can never succeed at what we once fell short of.

Failure isn't fun but it’s one of the greatest tools necessary to become successful.

It reminds you that you need to work harder.

It reminds you not to get comfortable.

It reminds you that you’re always learning.

Don’t be so busy trying to avoid failure that you forget to learn from it.

A failure is a tool - not a destination - to help you build character and learn lessons to maintain success once you’re on the other side.

don't ever allow anyone to tell you're a failure again. YOU HEAR ME? YES, YOU!


Todays Affirmations from TKaye Scribes – 

I deserve good things.

I attract good things.

I am worthy of good things. 

I am not my situation nor my circumstance.

Good things will come my way. 

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