8 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Home Space

I remember when I had a tiny studio apartment in Los Angeles, California, in 2013. It was the living area, a small kitchen area, and around the corner to the right; it was the closet and the bathroom. 

It wasn't until years later when I got a bigger living space; I wondered how I could've utilized that tiny space better. That housed a full-sized IKEA Bed, a fridge, my clothes, and the other bare necessities. 


8 Ways How To Maximize Your Apartment or Home Living Space.

1) If your apartment has high ceilings – Experiment with bold accent walls and doors and take advantage of the space for art.

2) Look into buying foldable furniture - You need extra space for your guest to sleep, but don't quite enough space? Consider a contemporary pull-out couch within your budget. 

3) Avoid Unitaskers – which are objects used for a specific task (i.e., pasta machine, garlic press, and a salad spinner.) 

4) Think Vertical Instead of Horizontal – when decorating design up instead across. Organize your things within baskets, cabinets, and optimize your storage if you have higher ceilings by creating DIY shelving from your local home improvement store. 

5) Use Dividers – If you live in an ample open space like a loft or a studio apartment. It can be hard to break up the area to make it feel bigger visually. Consider using a Room Divider Screen, which comes in a variety of styles. Another option is any thin shelving. You want to avoid as much clutter as possible.

6) Dual – Think about what items in your home might be able to serve multiple purposes. 

7) Multi-Use Table or Smaller Table – Opt for a round table or a table that doubles as a trunk. 

8) Reflect – mirrors will make your space will larger than life. Add mirrors around your place where you think you need them most. 

What are some tips you have? What are tips, and tricks you've used to help maximize your living space? 

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